Currently, plans are developing for a general volunteer service expedition with RTC to East Africa (Uganda-Kenya) in early June 2016 (tentatively June 7-21, 2016--subject to flight availability & airfare).  If you are interested, please complete & submit an online application & we will contact you as details are available this fall (2015).  

As explained, RTC projects & programs are motivated by the mission of Reach the Children"...facilitating self-reliance in communities dedicated to the well-being of underprivileged children"RTC expeditions give people with a desire to serve an opportunity to participate in various life-changing endeavors.  The indigenous leadership of RTC in Africa responds to local requests from communities in need to guide the purpose & development of RTC service.  Therefore, the organizing of a June 2016 team is underway to be able to have the expedition posted this fall & give volunteers ample time for preparation.

In the meantime, please be aware that expenses of an expedition are funded by specific donations made to RTC.  It is the responsibility of each expedition participant to be sure a minimum of approximately $3900 (subject to actual airfare, etc. costs.  Per person costs include airfare calculations—which comprise +/- 50% of the team budget.  Some organizations do not show airfare in their posted costs, but RTC strives to reveal total anticipated expenses & is particularly careful with team members by organizing flights as a group.).  These donations can come from the participant personally, or from others on their behalf.  (We even recommend starting now to look for ways to generate money; fundraise/solicit involvement & support as full participation funding will need to be completed by April for June team travel.)