As needed, Reach the Children
arranges and leads teams of volunteers to countries in Africa to do service-oriented projects hand-in-hand and side-by-side with our African sisters and brothers.  The projects are based upon requests made from African organization members and foster self-reliance amongst individuals, families, and thus communities through education and example. 

In 2015 you can best aid RTC's humanitarian efforts by contributing to worthwhile projects & programs currently outlined at our main website:

Reach a child.  Reach a family.  Reach a community.  Extend your reach!  With your assistance we can help provide underprivileged children in Africa opportunities to live self-reliant lives as we strengthen families and communities through sustainable efforts.  Children can impact the future... children are the future!  If they have the necessary tools, it can be a brighter future.  Wouldn't you like to be included in making the world a better place for ALL?  When part of the world is uplifted the whole world is uplifted!

FYI: In partnership with RTC, a Veronica's Vacations VVoluntour is being considered for the latter part of 2015.  More details will be posted as available in early spring 2015.

If you have any questions, please send an email to the expedition department at